MRC SOFT GND Filter ND1.2Grad


Perfect gradation,color shading

  • With Germany SCHOTT B270 Glass

  • Low reflection by the unique coating technology in the world

  • Perfect gradation

  • Double-sided coatings

  • High transmittance rate

  • HD function

  • High compatibility : Be compatible with wide and telephone lenses

  • Water/Oil/Scratch resistance

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EverChrom MRC SOFT GND Filter ND1.2 Grad

This product is a HD MRC graduated neutral density (ND) filter created with perfect gradation by original vacuum-evaporated coating system.

With adopting Germany SCHOTT B270 Glass,it can achieve high hardness level to largely decrease the broken possibility during shooting time.

This filter is handled by high definition (HD) process system, so when used in shooting scenes with wide and telephone lenses,it can provide you the best image most close to what you see.

Furthermore, it hardly makes any influence on coloration with unique coating technology.

square size:100mm x 150mm
Product Code: SOFT ND1.2

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SOFT GND Filte , ND64
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