100x100mm Magnetic Filter Frame


  • Magnetically Mounts Filter on Holder

  • Requires Frame for each filter and filter holder to be adapted with strips

  • Enables Fast Use of Filter with Holder

  • Magnetic filter frame system to fit other brands of filter

  • For One 100 x 100mm and 2mm Thick Filter

  • Helps Prevent Stray Light with gapless edges between filters

  • Reinforces Filter Edges

  • Helps Keep Filter Surfaces Flat

  • Easy Installation of Filter

  • Filter Identification Label incl

  • Includes neoprene case for each adapted filter and 1x lens cloth

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Filter Pouch included


high-end products K-series series Magnetic Filter Fram, square filter magnetic frame kit, magnetic system for 100x100mm and 2mm thick square filter, 100mm square bracket unique patented design, the world’s first independent push. The square filter magnetic bezel kit features a powerful permanent magnet magnet that allows the square filter to be quickly mounted on the filter holder for fast, robust, easy operation and no light leakage. The border kit is surrounded by a square filter. One layer of protection is not easy to damage, and the hand is more convenient. Multiple filters can be superimposed at the same time.
square size:100mm x 100mm
Product Code: MF100

Product Details
Magnetic Filter Frame,100x100
Magnetic Filter Frame,100x100
Magnetic Filter Frame
EverChrom,Magnetic Filter Frame